AC Ryan Launches Conductx DIY: Cool do it yourself set

@ 2004/08/18
Aug - 2004 - The Conductx Series is such a success that AC Ryan decided to launch a new product within the Conductx series: Conductx DIY - The coolest do it yourself set you have ever come across. The Conductx DIY Set's are made for the cable freaks that want everything tidy and perfect. Make your own custom cable with this easy-to-use set. No more bended cables; from now on straight cables is the standard! You'll never run out of cable, or have too much of it. Everything is changeable! Do it yourself!

Conductx DIY is a set to make your own custom cables in two different colors: UVgreen and UVblue. The set contains UV-active Cable Ties, UV-active FlexSleeves™, UV-active Connectx™, UV-active Heatshrinkz™ and even half a dozen UV-LED's! The package also contains 1.5meter of usable cable and one 4-pin molex already installed on one end of the cable. That means you have 1.5meter of cable ready to be modded! The set contains 6 UV-active T-molex female connectors and 3x UV-active S-ATA T-molex female connectors. Enough for you to power a whole system with only 1 cable!! Furthermore the set also includes 2m of UV-active FlexSleeves™ to sleeve your cable and 50cm of UV-active Heatshrinkz™ to shrink the cable together. An extra 10 UV-active Cable Ties are provided to make sure the cables stay in its place and the FlexSleeve won't move an inch when you bend the Conductx DIY cable to its limit. To make everything shine and light up to the maximum, AC Ryan put 6 UV-LED's in the package for you to install in the cable. This UV-LED installation is SOLDER FREE! This ensures an easy installation and no fiddling with a soldering iron or flux!

Joey, from our Product Development, says: "We wanted to design the perfect custom cable for your drives and realized the only way to build the perfect cable is to do it yourself!!"

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