Hard Drive Windowing Guide

@ 2004/08/18
I must first say that this is a very tricky mod to do and requires a lot of time and patience. Exposing a hard drive to the surrounding environment can possibly render it useless if precautions are not taken. People who are still new to modding should not attempt this until they have mastered cutting and windowing. On the other hand, the outcome is very rewarding and the final product looks really cool. Once again, do not attempt this mod if you are not confident in using cutting tools, or can not find a clean, dust-free area. Xtreme Tek is not responsible for any damages inflicted through this guide. Please proceed under your own discretion and caution. Also, the warranty on your hard drive will most likely be void once you open it, since the seal will be broken.

We decided to try this mod with two different hard drives, a Western Digital Quantum 5GB (running WinXP), and a 500MB Fujitsu both which are fairly old and therefore perfect for this experiment. First, both hard drives are sprayed and wiped clean to eliminate any dust on the surface.

Comment from jort @ 2004/08/18
nice one idd

i would love to see some leds into it too.
Comment from Sharpside @ 2004/08/18
Cewl, i'm not gonna try that tho