Arctic Silver and Nanotherm kiss and make up: Cooperation announced!

@ 2004/08/17
Former rivals Arctic Silver and Nanotherm are now working together to create a new thermal product, the fruit of their first collective labor can already be seen here, ArctiClean is a 2 stage cleaning liquid that will facilitate cleaning any surface (water block, heatsink, cpu) before a thermal interface product is applied.

Their upcoming new thermal interface might well be a mix of the both company’s current top products. Nanotherm’s PCM+ uses phase-change to conduct heat and combined with Arctic Silver’s experience in the sector things are looking promising. Though the final product has not been given a name yet, rumor has that it might be referred to by the moniker “Aqueous”. Both companies will probably share the patent.

The new creation is still in production and won’t see daylight before the beginning of September. More info about all this as we pick it up.

To learn more about Thermal Interface basics please check out this write-up at Arctic Silver's website

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