Readers Half-Life 2 Q & A

@ 2004/08/16
Q: With the original Half-Life being ported to Source, are you giving it a overhaul like you did with Counter-Strike or is more of a direct port?

A: The original Half-Life will be more of a direct port, with some minor enhancements added. So, no it's not getting as significant of an overhaul as Counter-Strike.

Q: Can maps be as big as they are in Battlefield 1942 and if not, can they be made to be larger?

A: The maps in Half-Life 2 are much too dense in objects to make them as big as BF1942. The ability is there but you wouldn't be able to make them with as many objects as most Half-Life 2 maps are, and if you do, you would need a insane amount of RAM to handle it.

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