Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

@ 2004/08/15
If you play just about any other real-time strategy game for a few hours, you'll quickly realize that the 'strategy' is typically comprised of building up a huge wave of troops to simply overwhelm your enemy through sheer weight of numbers. While that was once considered to be an ideal strategy, it's been shown to be not as effective as it once was. Also, watching it be executed in a game gets really old, really fast. Warcraft III forces the player to use something resembling actual military tactics due to the low cap on the maximum number of units. Properly utilizing, protecting, and replacing your troops in Warcraft III is vital to achieve success

Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/08/15
nice review, only good words about the game , has it should be. I play warcraft for almost 1,5 years and it never bored me.

Only comment on the review: The graphics are not that good, but they create a sphere I never saw in other games.

For all people who never played that game. Go and buy it. My cousin allways hated to play computer games. He always was bored after playing a game more than an hour. I lend him my cd of warcraft for a day, the same day he went to a store to buy the game . Now he plays warcraft a few hours a day non-stop.
actually by giving him the game he is now addicted.