Abit NF7-S2

@ 2004/08/15
With Socket 939 motherboards and processors now available, less computer enthusiasts are focusing on Socket A (462) solutions for their computers. As with all new technologies, Socket 939 peripherals are quite pricy, so a large majority hasn’t yet abandoned Socket A. While the demand for these motherboards is decreasing, manufacturers are giving socket A (462) a last go before its completely obsolete. What we have for you to take a look at today is the NF7-S2 from Abit USA.

Comment from wutske @ 2004/08/16
Only 1 phase power circuit . No way this thing can power an OC'ed CPU.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/16
probably either:
a) budget NF7 board
b) needs a BIOS update
Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2004/08/15
I just don't believe they even dare to call this mobo NF7-S2. The NF7-S is a great board and not only for overclocking! But what the hell happened? Why do they release this board? I'm so dissapointed in Abit.