SilverStone SST-30NF 300W Fanless Power

@ 2004/08/14
Two days ago we told you about Zalman's awesome Reserator 1 fanless water cooler. To put it simply, we LOVED it, giving it the coveted "I AM HARDCORE" award.

Unfortunately, while it is a great step towards a truly silent PC, it is not the end-all solution. In fact, there are many components you have to address before attaining the silent goal. One such component that many people might overlook when attempting this goal: the Power Supply.

Running a 'silent' power supply is all good if you have adequate airflow to keep case temperatures down. Of course, if you're going for a 100% fanless system, you won't have that luxury. Most silent PSU's operate in 'silent' mode up to a certain level (usually around 60 degrees). Once the temperature goes past that point, the fans spin up to incredible levels, rendering them ANYTHING but silent.

That is why some PSU manufacturers are starting to come out with FANLESS power supplies. SilverStone is one of them, and we have their SST-30NF to review today!

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