Radeon X800 Pro - Doom 3 performance investigated

@ 2004/08/14
Following on from my review of GeCube's Radeon X800 Pro this week, the most interesting questions I seemed to be asked about it were all surrounding Doom 3 performance. So, as a result, I vowed to do some more Doom 3 benchmarking. This testing soon took on a life of its own, and very quickly snowballed into a much more thorough look at how the Radeon X800 Pro handles Doom 3.

Thus, here is the article I was left with at the end of this exercise - An examination of Doom 3 performance on the Radeon X800 Pro which covers the following questions:

- How does performance differ between Catalyst 4,7 and the beta Catalyst 4.9 release?
- How does the use of in-game or driver control panel anisotropic filtering performance affect Doom 3 performance?
- What gains are there to be had from Humus' tweak to the Doom 3 game code?

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