Chenbro Xpider II

@ 2004/08/13
Chenbro is a 20-year-old name in the computer case industry. It has been manufacturing PC, server and rackmount cases since then and has a few other things on its list of achievements. Chenbro was the first to bring the tower case design to the market and they also claim to have implemented the first removable motherboard tray.

Along with those great feats, Chenbro has many other things under its belt such as about 180 mechanical design patents, and with over 700 employees across the world, Chenbro is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world.

With 20 years of experience, we thought Chenbro had plenty of time to realize the best and worst in PC case design. They have released a few gaming chassis in the past few years, which we have not had the pleasure to look at until now.

Chenbro was kind enough to send us a sample of their Xpider II, which has been out on the market for a while now. With all cases, we took the Xpider II apart to see what makes it stand out from the rest. Take a look at what we found.

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