Intel delivers 64-bit CPUs to server OEMs, delays shipments for the desktop

@ 2004/08/12
Although Intel has started delivering 64-bit-capable processors to server and workstation OEMs, there is still no timetable for positioning the 64-bit chips in the desktop segment, according to sources at Intel Taiwan.

There has been increasing speculation about Intel’s plans for the 64-bit chips since the specifications and prices of Intel’s new Pentium 4 processors with 64-bit extension technology (known as EM64T) are similar to those of desktop CPUs, said sources at Taiwan motherboard makers.

The time is not yet ripe for positioning the 64-bit version of the Prescott processor for the desktop, stated sources at Intel Taiwan.

Taiwan motherboard makers commented, however, that Intel’s aim is to ease the relatively high inventory levels of its 32-bit processors before migrating the new chips to the desktop segment.

The 64-bit-capable Pentium 4 CPUs are available at 3.2F, 3.4F and 3.6F GHz. Intel has inserted the letter “F” after clock speeds to distinguish chips incorporating EM64T technology.

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