Enermax UC-9FATR2 (Multi-function 5.25in Bay Device)

@ 2004/08/12
One of Enermax's newest products is a multi-function bay device, the UC-9FATR2, and,
fortunately, Maxpoint decided to send one to Bjorn3D for review. The UC-9FATR2 fits
in a standard 5.25 inch bay and offers a wide variety of features. One feature that
you will not find on many, if any, other similar devices is serial ATA connectors,
and this unit has two.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/16
Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/15
maybe the guys over at http://www.overclock.co.uk , they don't have it in their online catalogue, but send them an email as them seem to stock Enermax products, maybe they can get the Multifunctional bay by ordering it directly from them.
Comment from CosmosX @ 2004/08/15
Do you know where I can buy this? (An Online UK Store)