Poseidon WCL-03 Water-Cooling kit give away

@ 2004/08/11
Here we go again with another giveaway. This time around we've teamed up with the good people at 3RSYSTEM and American ADM to hand out ten Poseidon Water-Cooling kits. There will be six Poseidon WCL-03 Water-Cooling up for grabs to anyone that enters. But for those that are SystemCooling Forum members the chances almost double since members will be also entered in a giveaway of the six WCL-03 kits and also four all new Poseidon kits, which include the WCL-03 90Cu, WCL-02 90Cu, WCL-03 120Cu and WCL-02 120Cu.

To enter the giveaway of the six units just send an email to contest@systemcooling.com with the subject line "3RSystem Poseidon". If you are a forum member please include your SystemCooling Forum handle and you will be entered in both giveaways of the six kits and the four kits.

More information on the Poseidon WCL-03 Water-Cooling kit you can check out our review here and don't forget to drop by the SystemCooling Forum to register to have better chance to win.

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