Nanotherm PCM+ Thermal Compound

@ 2004/08/09
XYZ has just posted its review of Nanotherm's PCM+ thermal compound. This is the second revision of the industry's first aqueous thermal interface material. This innovation is coupled with a unique phase-changing characteristic. We tested it against Arctic Silver 5 and Ceramique...

Comment from Sharpside @ 2004/08/12
I'm usin Nanotherm's PCM+ too
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/12
High level of difficulty in testing thermal compound with such a narrow margin of error is the reason I don't want do review. It's not fair for the brand when the environmental temp fluctuation can easily effect the result of winner and loser.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/12
Weird that the Ceramique beats AS5. I've seen it outperform the Ceramique in all circumstances except subzero cooling.

All 3 products are of high quality, seeing as the results differ 1-2°C , the same ~2°C fluctuations in room temp, as the reviewer stated.
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/08/10
Yup, that's what I'm using. The only real stuff Better then AS5 in that review...