VapoChill LightSpeed [AC]

@ 2004/08/09
Hardcore overclockers now have an abundance of tools at their disposal; quality air-coolers, peltiers, water-cooling kits and the king-of-them-all, vapor-phase cooling. Casual overclockers can get by with a decent air-cooler, many enthusiasts will be satisfied with a good water-cooling kit, but the truly high end enthusiasts who want to squeeze every last bit of performance from their processors - at any cost - will no doubt seek a high-end vapor phase cooling solution. It's simply the right tool, for the job.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/09
Busy looking for a woman; otherwise, I would get the mounting kit and hook up to the house A/C.

There is a quick "squeeze and release" tool to extend the freon line from the house or window unit A/C.