VIA’s Chipset Business Continues to Improve

@ 2004/08/09
VIA Technologies, one of the world’s top designers of chipsets for personal computers, announced sales results for July, 2004. The company has made a significant improvement in terms of sales, continuing to solidify its positions as a chipset maker.

VIA’s net sales for July 2004 achieved approximately $53.20 million. On a sequential basis, this monthly sales revenue represents a 14.48% increase over June’s figure of $46.48 million and also 9.59% increase over the same period last year. Aggregated sales for 2004 are only 6.36% lower compared to revenues for seven months passed last year, which may mean that the company will beat last year’s revenues in 2004 and will demonstrate ability to consistently improve sales results, something that the company has not done since 2002.

VIA Technologies typically does not comment on its sales results and does not indicate which of the factors may have driven the Taipei, Taiwan core-logic developer’s revenue up or down.

In June 2004 VIA solidified its market positions with commercial shipments of VIA K8T800 Pro chipset intended for AMD’s latest 64-bit microprocessors. Additionally, the company continued shipping its chipsets for Intel Pentium 4, Intel Celeron, AMD Athlon XP and AMD Athlon 64 central processing units. Since PC makers are preparing to buy components in order to be ready for back-to-school season, chipset makers may enjoy higher sales as a result of that.

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