3DMARK 04 Previewed

@ 2004/08/05
In network many websites, FUTUREMARK has emitted some 3DMARK 04 news on the other day, and also an enclosed official announced the test picture picture, causes plays family not small shocking, because the interesting 3D test software came! In fact Harry slightly arranges after some cartography chip merchant knew 3DMARK 04 soon announce, continuously penetrates each kind of pipeline to hope first obtains the 3DMARK04 software to come is the D-CROSS reader does forestalls to report. The heaven does not lose the diligent person, now Harry slightly arranges the penetration relations to obtain at present still at to test the stage3DMARK 04 betatest software, according to understood this edition was the test edition which late June only then released(heard the present also had renews! )Since the article title is"the 3DMARK 04 whole world specific weights first insolation", certainly cannot like other websites easily to bring with several pictures, receives Harry slightly to arrange presents is the "chart are manyfor the reader! 56K must kill "the multi- charts exposure report, asks everybody to come as soon as to peep the gorgeous appearance which 3DMARK 04 soon brings!

Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/09
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Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/05