Be Doomed: Performance Preview of the Doom III Game

@ 2004/08/04
Be thrilled, be excited, be doomed, as we benchmarked today’s high-end graphics cards in 5 demo scenes of the much-anticipated Doom III game. Check out the fastest graphics cards on Mars with us!

Dooming Graphics
- Shadows and Lighting
- Geometry
- Textures and Bump-Mapping
- Faces and Mimics
- Music, Corps and Physics

Dooming Performance
- Hell Level, Pure Mode
- Hell Level, Eye-Candy Mode
- CPU Level, Pure Mode
- CPU Level, Eye-Candy Mode
- Recycling Level, Pure Mode
- Recycling Level, Eye-Candy Mode
- Hellhole Level, Pure Mode
- Hellhole Level, Eye-Candy Mode
- Deathmatch demo4, Pure Mode
- Deathmatch demo4, Eye-Candy Mode

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