Sony VGN-U50 Review in the Beer Garden

@ 2004/08/04
Our friends at Dynamism sent us the new Sony VGN-U50 a while ago. I was actually excited to have I4U be the first to publish a review about the new Sony Windows XP PDA. But PDA Buyers Guide has beat me to it. After that I was trying to find another angle for a review about this cutting edge gadget. Obviously it was strange that there is no Tablet PC Windows XP version installed on the VGN-U50/U70. So I thought, great I try to install Tablet PC and see how that goes. Just the other day jkOnTheRun beat me to this review angle. It is summer and I live now in Munich so I came up with a new (not so serious) angle for the review: How does the VGN-U50 perform in the beer garden? And if that is not already exciting enough, I also compare the Sony with the IBM X40 Notebook.

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