Basics to System Cooling Explained

@ 2004/08/03
Around eight percent of computer problems are caused by insufficient cooling. The fact is that more computers suffer heat-related problems than users realize. Your computer's stability and speed can both be affected when heat builds up inside the case, which, in return, can cause crashes at odd times and reduce performance significantly. Even if your computer seems to be running fine, it will probably fail prematurely if it's running hot

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/03
You know me well.
Just good intend; may not be what people want to hear.
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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/03
Added fans are a good start. It is also important to make sure you have all the side and top panels installed, leaving panels off disrupts airflow and increases the chances that a dead air space where heat can build up will develop.
Nicely said.