Catalyst 4.9 brings support for Doom 3

@ 2004/08/02
Computer Base are reporting that ATI will add suport for Doom3 in Catalyst 4.9, which are in an alpha stage and should be out in the middle of September !

Comment from Bosw8er @ 2004/08/02
02.08.2004 13:15| Catalyst 4,9 brings support for Doom to 3
ATi In the middle of Septembers - as much already times first - brings the routine Catalyst 4,9 to ATi on the market. The small, apparently insignificant, but characteristic most interesting for players is probably at present the additive for the support of Doom 3, a play in the ATi rather weak achievements to last show could.

With the driver the straight new diagram maps under Doom are not to look so old 3 in relation to the competition of nVidia proverbially any longer. At present the driver still is in the alpha stage, so that to in the middle of September can be placed surely that the driver perfectly functioned and also or other improvement in performance will bring for the desired play with itself.

Up to then Doom-3-Fans, which set on a diagram map of ATi, must probably still wait little. Perhaps but the Catalyst brings to 4,8, which is expected in the next days, already or other small improvement with itself. This is by the way available for the moment already as beta version for the press and is particularly to bring with far Cry some improvements.

In Germany the play will have to be had starting from 12 August. In the USA is the official sales start tomorrow. However a quantity of pictures emerged already now, which show that the play is to be already there partly already had. Whether some Shops did not adhere to the official sales date or by Publisher Activision were authorized nevertheless, one can only courage-measure. In any case one gives it already some humans in the USA, which purchased Doom 3 legally.