NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT and GeForce 6800: Overclocking and Modding

@ 2004/07/30
Today we are going to take a closer look at the two latest graphics solutions from NVIDIA based on GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6800 GT working at their nominal frequency and at overclocked frequencies after a few sophisticated modifications of ours. Find out now what you can get for your buck!

Comment from jmke @ 2004/07/30
There’s no sense to hope that some of NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800 chips have 16 “healthy” pipelines and some of them are just disabled for no particular reason – NVIDIA is not in a position to make such gifts today. The chips are tested back at the factory and are immediately sorted. Fully operational chips are transformed into the GeForce 6800 Ultra/GT, and those that have certain defects – defects that that can be avoided by disabling a few pipelines – become the 12-pipelined GeForce 6800.

It is of course possible that the NV40 manufacturing process will be improved after a while. In this case, there will be an insufficient amount of defective chips to produce the GeForce 6800 in mass quantities, and NVIDIA will have to turn pipelines off in fully operational chips. By that time, however, NVIDIA will certainly have introduced various protection techniques, and it will be less easy to make any kind of conversion to the GeForce 6800.