Cooler Master - Case Fan\ Modding Series \ Dual Storm

@ 2004/07/29

The basic process of removing heat from the CPU uses a standard heatsink/fan combination with the fan providing air pressure and volume to cool the fins of the heatsink. Unfortunately, the design of the average hub fan limits the effective cooling area to the outermost part of the heatsink, creating a “blind spot” near the center – the hottest part of the heatsink. Dual Storm, with dual-layered fan blades, blows a cyclone of cool air using opposing rotational directions, reducing the blind spot at the center, improving cooling and performance. The torrent of pressurized air under dual-layered fans provides high tech efficiency in cooling the hottest CPU with a high density heatsink. By Cooler Master, the ultimate thermal solution.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/07/29