Raidmax RX-520XP Titanium 520W Power Supply

@ 2004/07/29
Power supplies are increasingly becoming a necessary focal point for computer enthusiasts. In the past, it was seen as one of the easiest places to cut a corner or two, but with new Prescott based processors easily drawing over 100Watts, and nVidia cards that crave two dedicated rails to power them, it can't be denied that a solid, high power, stable PSU is required.

While quality has been the focus of many companies like Antec, Enermax, Raidmax, and more for the past several years, like all things we enjoy, a certain level of aesthetic quality is now coming into play. Features like lighted fans, windows, modular cables, and more are becoming much more common place. Raidmax's new Titanium power supply takes a very nice "less is more" approach in their RX-520XP.

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