Seagate Ups Drive Warranties To 5 Years

@ 2004/07/26
Seagate Technology has increased the warranty of almost all of its hard drives to five years, reversing a trend toward shorter-period warranties.
The warranties will apply to all of Seagate's internal desktop, mobile, and enterprise hard drives that buyers purchase today, excluding external drives, Seagate executives said.

For the past year, the warranties on hard drives have actually declined, while at the same time the drives' larger capacities have held more and more data. Meanwhile, companies like IBM have received criticism for placing limitations on the usage of drives like the DeskStar 120GXP, which was only rated for eight consecutive hours of operation per day. Hitachi took over control of IBM's disk-drive assets in 2002.

Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/07/27
Don't forget ther was before the one year waranty a three year warranty. Then, they told, like all the other HDD manufacturers, they had to reduce costs and decided there would be one year warranty on their disks... Fine to see they get back to a more normal warranty imo...