Sun's Opteron fleet finally goes on sale

@ 2004/07/26
Sun Microsystems has finally made the shift from key Opteron braggart to key Opteron vendor with the release of three new systems.

At long last, Sun's four processor Sun Fire V40z server and W1100z and W2100z workstations have gone on sale. All of the systems run on AMD's latest Opteron chip and complement Sun's existing two processor Sun Fire V20z server. With four Opteron systems now in its product line, Sun has officially become the biggest Tier I backer of AMD's x86-64bit product

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/27
A bit more info released a day later;

Officially launched are the Sun Fire V40z server, powered by four of AMD's (NYSE: AMD - news) Opteron processors, and the Sun Java W1100z and W2100z workstations, both of which also feature the Opteron.

64-Bit Computing Capability

The new machines run Sun's enterprise-grade Solaris operating system, as well as Linux (news - web sites) and Windows. And they provide an opportunity for the company to gain a bigger share of the growing x86 systems market.

The Sun Fire V40z server starts at US$8,495 and is optimized for industry-standard 32- and 64-bit architectures for high-performance computing and enterprise applications.

The 64-bit workstations include the Java Desktop System running on either the Solaris x86 OS or Linux. Starting prices are $1,995 and $4,695, respectively, for the W1100z and the W2100z models.

Competing on Price

Sun also announced the Sun Fire V20z Server Enterprise Essentials Promotion package, offering a three-year subscription for Solaris x86 OS software, hardware and support for $492 per year.

"Sun came late to [the] volume-play, standards-based X86 platform market and is trying to make up ground with pricing plans that may upset the apple cart," Yankee Group analyst Dana Gardner told NewsFactor. "A Solaris platform that supports four-way computing will certainly grab some attention."