nVidia 6800 GT to Ultra Flash Guide

@ 2004/07/25
By Fafnir

The procedure to bios flashing your 6800 "GT" into "Ultra":

1. MAKE SURE your card works at 410/1120 FIRST
2. write down: current card bios version and core temperature

if the card passes the O/C to 410/1120;

3. go here: http://www.leadtek.com.tw/support/do...?pronameid=341

4. get the " A400 Ultra BIOS - 400/1100MHz (2004/7/8) " file
5. extract the thing to a hard drive or something
6. rename the P2012994.rom file into something simpler, say: "XXX".rom
7. (re)boot into dos
8. using the "wfflash" that comes with the bios, backup your old bios:

wfflash s

9. using the "wfflash" that comes with the bios:

wfflash.exe nm "XXX".Rom

10. reboot
11. re-install your detonator drivers
12. hardcore trial the card to make sure its alright;

More info and help:

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