nVidia 6800LE Review

@ 2004/07/25
Just a few days back, some info surfaced on a new variant of the 6800 GPU from nVidia modeled as 6800LE. Just out of luck, one of the system integrators that we know of received a sample and wanted us to test the card out. From the little information he had, the 6800LE seems to be targeted as an OEM product and will not be released through the retail channel.

The card is identical to the standard 6800 as far as looks and size are concerned, however, its slightly under-powered. With a little help from Scott Wasson at The Tech Report, we believe that the number of pixel pipelines has been reduced from 12 to 8 although we haven’t received any info from nVidia. The core has also been dropped from 325 to 320 although memory size and speed remain identical to the 6800 - 128MB/350MHz (or 700MHz DDR). We asked for a price indication and were told that the card should be about 30% less than the standard 6800 which would put it at under US$200- a very sweet spot. The following are some pictures of the card

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