Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

@ 2004/07/22
I remember back in they day when PC games came with intricately shaped boxes with cloth maps, huge books, quick key charts, it was great. Sadly now we get tiny, Wal-Mart safe cardboard boxes and a printable .pdf more often than not. It's depressing how bad its gotten - I found myself getting really excited when I saw that Joint Ops comes with a keyboard overlay. Props to them for giving us something. The manual itself is also well laid out and gives more information than most these days.

Comment from kristos @ 2004/07/23
yeah, noticed that to late

got mixed up with blitzkrieg :grum:
Comment from jmke @ 2004/07/23
Comment from Blue_Boy @ 2004/07/23
Vietnam All the way for me baby
"Private Joker, is that a peace sign on your helmet?"
Comment from kristos @ 2004/07/22
I wanted to play it too but all I can find is this typhoon rising.

Can't seem to find the basic joint operations :/
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/07/22
Yup, playing it for a week nog and it's fun fun fun ...