Mainboard Makers Bid on Intel’s 865PE Core-Logic for LGA775 Processors

@ 2004/07/22
ABIT, ASUSTeK, Gigabyte and Soltek Computer now offer their mainboards based on i865PE chipset with AGP 8x and dual-channel PC3200 DDR memory support for Intel’s latest Pentium 4 incarnation in LGA775 form-factor. A source among mainboard makers told X-bit labs that the main driving force for mainboards based on i865PE chipset and designed for new processors is their lower cost compared to mainboards powered by newer chipsets. Additionally, Intel’s recent price change for Pentium 4 520 (2.80GHz) to $163 from $178 is likely to make LGA775 platforms more attractive to clients, as the same chip, but in mPGA478 packaging still costs $178.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/22
It's only logical for the board makers to get better returns after all the customers will likely to keep the newly invested graphic cards (AGP); memory (DDR) for a bit longer IF they decide to try the toasty Prescott.