PSU Threesome @ Moddershq

@ 2004/07/19
Today we are all about the number 3 and PSU’s. That’s right, we have 3 of the hottest PSU’s on the market up for review. These power supplies represent the top of the line from each company and the top favorites among overclockers, benchers, tweakers, and power hungry rigs. We’ll even take a look at how each PSU handles Nvidia’s latest power hungry card: the 6800 Ultra. So if you are in need of some extra juice to feed that power hungry graphics card, or if that generic PSU just isn’t cutting it anymore; listen up cause today at MHQ we have: the Enermax Noisetaker EG475P-VE SFMA; Antec’s TrueControl 550; and PC Power and Cooling’s Turbo-Cool 510 Deluxe.

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