AMD Earnings?

@ 2004/07/15
Many of us don't really care; some of us do.

AMD Q2 2004 Earnings Conference Call Reports

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3rd consecutive quarter of profits

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/15
AMD plans on shipping its first 90 nanometer computer chips for revenue this quarter with complete customer conversion possible by the end of 2005.

AMD stated its 110 nanometer flash memory products are ramping as planned and conversion to 90 nanometer flash will start at the end of the year. AMD expects to double its bit capacity for flash memory during by the end of 2004.

Dual core processors still are scheduled to be launched in the middle of 2005 with revenues later that year or in early 2006.{89B12469-9D38-458A-988D-A92F3465EA98}&destination=&symb=AMD