Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 6.0

@ 2004/07/11
- Added the 3dfx section.
- Added the ATI Radeon 9800 XL and 9550 XT cards.
- Added the NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS-V card.
- Updated specifications for the Radeon 9800 Pro 128-bit, 9800 Pro 128MB, 9800 Pro 256MB and AIW Radeon 9800 Pro cards.
- Updated specifications for the PowerVR PCX1 and PCX2 cards.
- Added S3 classics - Virge, Virge VX, Virge GX, Virge DX, Virge GX2, Savage 3D, Savage 3D SuperCharged, Savage 4, Savage 4 Pro, Savage 4 Pro +, Savage 4 Xtreme, Savage IX, Savage MX, SuperSavage IX and SuperSavage MX.

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