AMD Athlon 64 3200+, Upgrader's Perspective

@ 2004/07/11
We take an A64 and compare it to an AXP at the same clock speed to see if it's worthwhile or not in a 32-bit environment.

"As a short term fix, the Socket 754 still has some life left to it. You will not be able to bring it with you later on though, as many manufacturers are only making Socket 939 version motherboards based on the newer chipsets. Availability is still limited though, and Socket 754 systems are something that are readily available now."

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/12
So, the S-754 will be something equivalent to S-423 in life span. Some computer enthusiasts are the most forgiving people; great customers; generous; never complain; take whatever is given; willingness to accept any new products.

Remaing computer enthusisasts will judge carefully the performance to value ratio; get the most out of every dollar they spend; evaluation of the rules like -

Overclocking to gain = Dollar per Mhz ratio
Dollar per Degree of Celsius reduction ratio
Dollar per Gigabite storage ratio
Pixel to monitor development/graphic card investment relative to film resolutions. (i.e. Slide Picture resolutions)

I trust the next 2Qs and 1st 2Qs into 2005; both AMD and Intel will not make the profit level they look for. Good for all enthusiasts and bad for investors.