Aerocool VM-101 vs. VGA-Silencer vs. Zalman ZM80C-HP

@ 2004/07/11
On that hot contested VGA Kuehlermarkt could the two companies Arctic Cooling and Zalman in each case despite two completely different products a leading position fight for. Arctic Cooling sets with the VGA Silencer , from which in the meantime several revisions on the market are available, on a traditional concept made of exhaust and solid radiator box, while the Zalman radiator Zm80c-hp is based on the new Heatpipe concept. But recently a new Aspirant appeared on the radiator title and tries for the two the top position contentious to make. The new one comes from the still relatively young, innovative company Aerocool and hears on the name Vm-101 . This radiator constructs similarly as the Zalman radiator on the Heatpipe principle. Whether the Aerocool things in addition has itself to maintain against the old established VGA radiators or this even abzuservieren is in a comparison test to be clarified.

When extension of the test are different modifications to the Zalman Heatpipe and the VGA Silencer are examined, which are the cooling performance of both to improve and in the case of the VGA Silencers noise reduce.

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