Will Intel Kill x86-64 By Supporting It?

@ 2004/07/09
If AMD has x86-64 technology and Intel doesn’t, all the discussions about x86-64 are going to focus on AMD. All the x86-64 products advertised are going to discuss one company’s product—AMD’s. All the price-performance comparisons, all the compatibility discussions, and all the features listed are all going to feature one company, and that company isn’t Intel. Intel knows Itanium is weak in some of the above areas and even if Itanium isn’t really aimed at the same markets as Opteron right now, there’s still no reason to rack up more negative press.

Once Intel introduces an AMD64 design the entire dynamic changes. Now there are two companies to talk about, multiple solutions to consider, and, most importantly, multiple marketing campaigns. If AMD has the only product in an area, IBM’s advertising highlighting that product will highlight AMD. But if Intel also has a product in that area, whose product is IBM more likely to feature?

The simple fact that Intel has an EM64T solution denies AMD the advantage of claiming it as uniquely their own. Combine that with Santa Clara’s deep advertising pockets and Opteron advertising could be out in the cold in favor of Xeon 64 in no time.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/09
I'm afraid it's all business. After all, computer was made for business first and pleasure second.

Another look at the forum discussion:


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