Hong Kong Officials Bust Software Pirates

@ 2004/07/07
By Associated Press
July 7, 2004

HONG KONG (AP)—Customs officials busted an alleged software piracy syndicate Wednesday and said they will try to freeze the counterfeiters' assets.

The Customs and Excise Department said it had broken up one of the largest fake disc operations in Hong Kong, and officials hope to freeze assets totaling 20 million Hong Kong dollars (US$2.6 million) under an organized crime law they have not yet used in the fight against piracy.

Authorities shut down a factory, three warehouses and eight outlets that sold fake computer and video game software during Wednesday's raids. They arrested four men and four women ranging in age from 20 to 49, but none were immediately charged.

Counterfeit software is easily found in Hong Kong, along with fake luxury bags, DVDs, CDs and other goods, but officials have pledged to step up their anti-piracy campaigns.

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