Nvidia two card system shatters 20000 3dmarks03

@ 2004/07/02
NVIDIA DIDN'T WANT to be noisy about the number of its two SLI cards that they were showing off as a preview but our colleagues have fed us with the score.
Polish site nvision.pl told us that Nvidia's "two cards" will rock at 20185 3dm03. This is definitely a great result if we are talking about the 1024x768 default 3dm03 score.

Nvidia showed the numbers earlier this year about NV40 and it turned out that it was a score relating to 800x600 res. No one asked Nvidia what resolution it used, since we all talk 10x7 talk when we talk some tell-tale scores. And here's the number, but we still don't know the resolution and I don't think that Nvidia is ready to talk about availability of this FutureWare, as yet. ยต

Comment from calantak @ 2004/07/05
crap I don't wanna buy two 6800 ultra's