RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.2

@ 2004/07/02
RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.2, the universal CPU/Chipset/RAM experimental test suite has been released! RightMark Memory Analyzer provides stable and accurate measurements of the most important low-level characteristics of the CPU/Chipset/RAM subsystem of your PC. Seven types of tests are implemented in the current release of the RightMark Memory Analyzer suite, that allow you to determine the following low-level parameters of the platform:

Average and peak memory bandwidth;
Average and minimal L1/L2 data cache/memory latency;
L1/L2 data cache associativity;
L1-L2 data cache bus bandwidth;
D-TLB size and associativity (of each level);
L1 instructions cache size (including the "effective" size) and associativity;
Decode efficiency of various simple x86 (ALU/FPU/MMX) instructions;
I-TLB size and associativity (of each level).

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