4-Way Small Form Factor Round Up

@ 2004/07/01
Even with pretty much every single manufacturer jumping onto the SFF wagon, there are still fairly substantial differences between the SFF systems that we have looked at today. From simple aesthetics, to included features, manufacturers really get a chance to show off their engineering skills and shatter the myth of the generic white box computer. It is exciting to evaluate computer hardware at a more abstract level instead of simply interpreting benchmark numbers as seems to be the case in a lot of reviews.

At the end of the day I hope a clear idea can be formulated for what each system offers the end user. From the storage capacity offered by the Qbic along with its extremely quiet setup to AOpen's strong performance each system has something different to offer to the end user. If I was to build a system with one of these boxes however, my choice would have to be the FIC despite compelling reasons to choose either the AOpen or the Qbic. The Condor is a real piece of work exemplifying why it is exciting to work in this industry; once in a while a product really manages to stand out and impress those that work around this kind of stuff all day. Just as Shuttle managed to kick start the SFF industry with its Cube, the Condor is a product that could be singled out in the future for pushing the SFF market into a different direction.

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