Cooler Master Real Power Power Supplies introduced

@ 2004/07/01

By popular demand, Cooler Master announces the new power supply line, Real Power, the new force in power supplies. Not satisfied with the status quo? Are your increased power needs going unfulfilled by other PSU maker’s weak offerings? Disturbed by claims of high power but get low performance? It’s time for Real Power - Continuous Power - Reliable Power - Stable Power. It’s time for a power supply unit that meets your needs of efficiency, safety and silence. Backed by the power of 10 years in PC innovation and award winning products, Cooler Master will become the leader in power supply evolution.

Real Power provides continuous and reliable power for today’s power hungry components. It satisfies the requirements of Energy Star, Green Power and Blue Angel while providing a source of Real Power for all your computing needs. Real Power comes in 3 versions of 350W, as well as the new standard for high performance and continuous power, the 450W Real Power. The analog dial power indicator, the 120mm fan, the cable sleeving and EMI shielding are only part of the fit, finish and quality that goes into the 450W Real Power. Are you ready for Real Power?

Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/07/01
that's a very nice psu ( looks)