AMD Sempron 3100+ Benchmarks spotted!

@ 2004/07/01
CPU:s754 AMD Athlon64 3000+ L2 Cache 512KB (200x10=2000Mhz)
CPU:s754 AMD Athlon64 2800+ L2 Cache 512KB (200x9=1800Mhz)
CPU:s754 AMD Sempron 3100+ L2 Cache 256KB (200x9=1800Mhz)
MB:nForce3 250
Ram:Kingstone DDR 400 256MBx2(CL3-3-3-8 2T)
VGA:Leadtek A310(GeForce FX5600)
HDD:Maxtor 6Y060L0(60GB ATA 133)
OS & Driver:Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1 + DX 9.0 b
+ nVidia ForceWare Version: 4.24

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Comment from 187(V)URD@ @ 2004/07/03
yeah I wanna see it compared to a AXP barton

But I think the sempron wins.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/01
Nice. But, I like to see a comparison with current AXP Barton which is priced so nicely. Of course, it is not necessarily for current AXP owners to upgrade, it's certainly a good candidate for people looking for a new rig with moderate investment.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/07/01
You can see that in most of the tests, Sempron is just a tad slower then similarly clocked Athlon 64s which will make it a very good CPU to buy if priced correctly. It's only six weeks away. ยต