Monster Water-Cooling system

@ 2004/06/30
Initially I was going to build the cooling system on a square pallet, but as I looked around for places to put the finished product, I very quickly realized that it wouldn't fit anywhere I wanted to put it. So I changed to the 19"DX45"WX23"H design. The brackets for the radiator ar 20" shelf brackets from Home Depot(modified slightly - I had to punch new holes to line up with the holes on the radiator)

The radiator I chose was an aftermarket standard cooling radiator (2 row) for a (I think 1984) Lincoln Mark VII. Its capacity is slightly more than a gallon. Its cooling surface is 24.5"Wx18.5"Hx1.25"D. Thinking back I almost wish id gone with the more industrial 3 or 4 Row radiator just for the extra cooling sake - more cooling for roughly the same size(just 0.5IN thicker for each row).

I had an empty 5 gallon laundry detergent bucket lying around so I decided to use it as my water receiver. The first receiver that I built, I tried sealing with hot glue but it leaked so I had to get a new bucket and start all over again. Only the second time I used marine GOOP and it worked like a charm. the new bucket also had a rubber seal which worked a lot better than the hot seal I tried for the first edition.

I had to drill a new set of holes on the far right of the radiator to make room for the 20" box fan. I got the box fan at Home Depot for 10 bucks. Target had some 20"x20"x0.5" filters on clearance for 97 cents each so I got 10.(Later, in favor of air flow, I decided to run the system without the filters)

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/07/01
Most house central air conditioner runs the high and low pressure tubings 15 to as long as 45 feet. The compressor to the condensor inside the house that is.

Simply tee out the high pressure side to the computer room; and use the mounting from Vapor chill. You now have a reliable refrigrated CPU.
Comment from Blue_Boy @ 2004/07/01
whats an A/C-condensor?
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/06/30
I'm quite surprise that no one has connected and tee-off a line from the house A/C condensor to vapor chill the processor.

With a 5-ton house A/C; the extra line to cool the processor is no big deal. Yes, the PC will not be portable, neither is using a truck radiator.

If I ever get the chance to do this; Vapor Chill with House A/C.