Futuremark Deploys WMV HD Advisor

@ 2004/06/30
Saratoga, California USA - June 30, 2004 - Futuremark Corporation announced today that Microsoft Corp. subscribed to its online PC performance estimation framework. The service is available to users from the Windows Media Video High-Definition (WMV HD) website at http://wmvhd.com. Similar to the previously announced Windows XP Games Advisor, the service helps Windows users find out in advance if their Windows XP PC is able to play back movies published in WMV HD format.

With the significant advances in audio and video technology enabled by Windows Media in Windows XP PCs, today consumers can enjoy high-definition experiences previously not possible. WMV HD delivers a whole new level of high-definition entertainment to consumers via DVDs and through online downloads delivering up to 6 times the resolution (1080p) of today's standard DVDs. Distributors, for example, have released films in WMV HD as companion DVDs for playback on Windows XP-based PCs that ship in addition to the standard DVD.

Futuremark's performance estimation framework analyzes more than 300 different PC attributes and then estimates the playback capabilities of the PC as a whole. The service enables Windows users to quickly determine if their current PC is able to play back WMV HD content. In the event the content is not able to be played, Futuremark's performance estimation framework also includes reports to the user on how to upgrade their PC for enabling WMV HD content playback. Similar technology, by Futuremark, powers Microsoft's Windows XP Game Advisor (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/g...or/default.asp) that helps Windows XP users determine if games will run on their computer.

"While the users of the WMV HD Performance Advisor get of a quick and easy-to-understand analysis of their PC's capabilities, the service's inner workings are very elaborate and unique" said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Futuremark. "Without collecting any personal information, the service scans the user's PC and instantaneously determines if the PC's hardware configuration (including system memory, AGP rate, video memory and CPU) is able to provide an optimal high-definition video play back," Sarkkinen continued.

"WMV HD delivers consumers with incredible high-definition movies/video on their Windows-XP based PCs today,"said Erin Cullen, lead product manager, Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "Futuremark's innovative WMV HD Performance Advisor provides consumers with a fast and easy way to test the performance capabilities of their PC."

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Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/30
WMV HD @ 1080p is really cool