A.C. Ryan UV Red MORF PSU Modding Kit

@ 2004/06/29
"Cables, sleeve kits, retractable USB, UV ray light-burn you eyes stuff.. You name it, A.C. Ryan makes it all. At first I was trying acknowledge just who is this A.C. Ryan? At ClubOC we get a lot of email from different manufacturers asking us to review their products, and we usually do so because little a little entrepreneurship take place is what America is all about right? Well when A.C. Ryan sent s this UV kit, is was something you almost never see. The kit is so complete that you get plugs that are almost impossible to change without some serious knowledge is soldering. That wasn't the deciding factor is what makes this kit so neat though. You also get a tool to remove the plugs that is easier to use then any other, and the colors... Ahhh the colors.. Yep, the color that this kit is in is just really well, UV. Lets have a look at it!"

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