Taiwan mobo makers may not lower 865 motherboard prices soon

@ 2004/06/29
Taiwanese motherboard makers may not lower prices for 865 motherboards in the third quarter as planned, as the defect found in Intel’s recently launched 915/925 chipsets may delay PC industry migration to the new Intel Pentium platform, according to sources at the makers.

Although Intel is expected to solve the problems related to the ICH6 south bridge chipset this week, the recall is likely to weaken the confidence in the new Pentium 4 chipsets at channel distributors. This should delay the implementation of the new platform, said the sources.

Some first-tier motherboard makers have already lowered their projection of PCI Express motherboards to 10% of the total market in the third quarter, down from 15-20%.

AGP8X motherboards will continue to be the mainstream models in the third quarter, the sources added.

Local motherboard makers also said that the PC clone market may benefit in the third quarter because OEM makers, who actively developed 915/925-based products, may need more time to adjust their produce lines to cope with the defect.

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