Monday Morning HW Review Roundup

@ 2004/06/28
Summer Giveaway! @ CoolTechZone

"Winner 1: Simple Talent 512MB Flash Drive
Winner 2: Thermaltake 480W Butterfly Power Supply Unit
Winner 3: Clear Blue Neon Paint;
Two Blue CCFL Lights;
3 Laser LEDs (Green, Blue, and Red);
3 UV Reactive 80mm fans (Green, Blue, and Red);"

Alternative Fan Filter Guide

"Besides using the typical bullseye design filter or some fancy laser cut design, there isn't much to choose from to cover up your fans. Of course, without a filter, you'd be more than likely to take a tinychunk off the tip of your finger. So after some tinkering, we got somesteel mesh and made our very own."

3RSystem Poseidon WCL-03 CPU Water Cooler

"The 3RSystem Poseidon WCL-03 is an intriguing product. The thermal results won't amaze, but the silence accompanying the performance is quite impressive. Having seen numerous air and water coolers in action over the years, I would have to say this is the quietest to date! The WCL-03 temperatures match up nicely with air cooling, and addressing a few issues in the design could make the device a solid performer."

MSI KM4M-L Micro ATX Motherboard

"For some reason I can't get the thought out of my head that this board is a stripped down version of the KM2M Combo-L that ExtremeMhz reviewed a while back, as it was overclockable and also had a more aggressive video solution. That aside, the KM4M-L is a solid, low cost board that lends itself to a low budget HTPC build. This board is an OEM manufacturer's dream however, as it is easily scaled up and down in accessories easily and cheaply. It also has all the critical items integrated into the board itself, allowing you to build in phases as well."

VIA EPIA MII 12000 Mainboard

"The EPIA MII features some new technology that is fairly innovative. One such feature is built right into the VIA C3 processor, the Via Padlock Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE). Via Padlock is an encryption and decryption engine designed to be used with the US Government approved Advanced Encryption Standard."

Foxconn Heat Guzzler AMD64 Cooler Giveaway

"Win the $30 Cooler from our latest AMD64 (socket 754) CPU Cooler Review. Foxconn's Heat Guzzler easily beat our ThermalTake Silent Boost in performance comparisons - it's quiet and performs even on an overclocked AMD3400+ CPU. Entries only in USA and Canada are allowed. You may only post 1 time per day. Enter everyday to improve your chances of winning! Contest runs till July 1st at 12:00am."

"nu" Technology Inc DDW-082 Dual DVD+/- RW

" It’s no secret; the ability to write and rewrite to DVD on your home computer has become as popular as did the same ability to write and rewrite to CD not long ago. With this facility comes options, which format is best for you? Well today we will be looking at The nu Technology Inc. DDW-082 Dual 8X DVD+/-RW a half height internal drive that has all of our optical drive options covered in one unit."

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