Waterblock Testing ( RBX & Intimidator ) @ SweMOD.Com

@ 2004/06/25
Tonight it’s time for a new review and this time I’m going to compare two water blocks.
One RBX block from DangerDen and a block called Intimidator from Frigus Engineering.

Both blocks have their own design and quality; we will take a closer look on
both blocks and we will see which block that performs the best.

[M]adshrimps review..
Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/27
woopsie, completely missed that
Comment from jakkerd @ 2004/06/27
Water components;
- Eheim 1048 Pump ( 600 l/h / 158 U.S. gal./h. )
- ThermoChill HE120.1 Radiator
- Waywet Reservoir
- Evercool Chrome 120mm Fan running at 1590 rpm.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/25
what pump was used? ? can't seem to find that important detail in the review

I'm guessing he used a pretty low output pump.. pretty much explains the lower RBX results