DVD Player Mod: The Stealth HTPC

@ 2004/06/25
The initial idea for this mod started to form earlier this year while I was at a friend's LAN party. After drinking plenty of Bawls and playing games all night, we talked a little bit about mods (my Lian-Li is lightly modded, but everyone else's cases were stock). I briefly brought up the idea of a music server PC in a stereo or VCR, but it was more a passing thought at the time.

A few days later, however, I put some more thought to the idea, and noticed all of the expensive HTPC cases that were starting to float around. Most of these cases attempted to fit into the general home theater look so that the HTPC wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. "What could fit more into an entertainment setup," I said to myself, "than a regular DVD player?" Following the mantra of stealth but cool, the DVD Player Mod was born

Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2004/06/25
This one has been bookmarked! Great mod!