Danger Den TDX Waterblock

@ 2004/06/25
Having touched on the subject of phase change in the last few weeks, ClubOC once again steps back a notch or two. Trying to lug a phase change unit around is if anything a major inconvenience especially if you're into attending LAN events this summer, but going back to air-cooling is almost absurd after running our test unit over 4Ghz and seeing it really open our x800 pro to new levels. So the question is, can the Danger Den TDX hang with alternative forms of cooling? Can it remove enough heat from our 3.0E Prescott and give us enough cooling power to overclock? Well in this review we're going to give you a good idea at what is possible with water cooling, but most of all keep it in the case to give us good portability and user friendliness. Since Danger Den has so far been the epitome of excellence, and thus far has given us ZERO problems, we are assuming, no we are certain that it will give us the kind of reliability and dependability we need for our Prescott. Lets take a look at the TDX...


Our (p)review:

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