Numerous bugs reported in Intel Prescott Pentium 4

@ 2004/06/25
A DAY AFTER Intel released five LGA 775 chips, the firm reported a list of bugs in its Pentium 4 Prescott produced at 90 nanometres.
The report, dated 22nd of June 2004, show some interesting examples of erratanotbugs. For example, R9 is described as "System bus interrupt messages without data which receive a hard failure response may hang the processor".

So far no workaround is available for this bug.

Comment from TaN00Ki @ 2004/06/26
[i]They've been the king for a year or 2, now AMD does the same like Intel. [/b]
no no tata... intel make same as amd.. inteal been reported to debug athlon64 heh how long u gonna try make 64bits computing intel :grin:
Comment from wutske @ 2004/06/25
Tough they make fast junk. (and I'm an AMD fan, so that says enough). Theyre CPU's do cost a lot, they are hot, make weird noises, but are fast. They've been the king for a year or 2, now AMD does the same like Intel. Expensive, highly priced, fast CPU's. So, they are in some kind the same.
Comment from TaN00Ki @ 2004/06/25
bah intel... better stop massacre and let king AMD work

been prooved enough intel make expensive junk...
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/06/25
And I hear people complain about the Opteron bug